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The goal is simple—make Kansas City a more
attractive place for Millennials to live,
work and play.

We’re about to change this city

We’ve been called overconfident and entitled. But in reality, we’re just misunderstood. Like true millennials, we want it all. We’ll target civic initiatives such as housing, jobs, transportation and entrepreneurship, just to name a few.

But first, let’s socialize. Shut down your laptop and join us to expand your living, breathing social network. We will create events, generate buzz, captivate interest and drive millennials to help shape the culture and environment that is Kansas City.

We aren’t alone. These great companies have come together to be a part of LiveKC.

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How We LiveKC

Here is a peek at the previous events LiveKC has held and a preview of what is to come. Will you LiveKC?

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