What we're all about

The Millennial generation, better known as people in their 20’s and 30’s make up approximately 25% of the population and in 2015 are now the largest segment of working Americans.* In a global war for talent, it’s critical for cities and the employers located in the metro areas to stay ahead of this changing population trend.

Cities like Chicago, Austin, Boston and San Francisco are hot beds for this next wave of talent and have attracted people from all over the world with the promise of a vibrant and diverse culture—a great place to live, work and play.

In Kansas City, we have made huge strides in the right direction but we’re only beginning to scratch the surface of our full potential. Our city’s brand has never been stronger in part due to employment opportunities at large corporations, a burgeoning entrepreneurial ecosystem, nationally recognized dining establishments and winning sports teams, just to name a few.  Now is the time to double down, engaging the citizens of KC to get off of the couch and be a part of what makes us attractive to outsiders.

LiveKC was formed under the mission to make KC a more attractive place for Millennials to live, work and play. We’ve come to find that our role is that of a cultural change agent on a civic level. In this booklet, you’ll see examples of accomplishments to date and our strategies and tactics for the future.

About the team
Erik Wullschleger
Director, LiveKC

Erik has a background in sales, marketing, mobile product development, innovation and was the co-founder of the Sprint Accelerator, a startup technology incubator located in the Crossroads District.

Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Erik and his wife Stacey moved to Kansas City in 2004. Residing in the Waldo neighborhood, Erik enjoys experiencing everything from live music in the East Bottoms to recreational sports in Roanoke.

Ashley Kappelman
Events Manager

An event and experience guru by trade, Ashley has an extensive background in large scale events working with the Royals, Sporting KC and now LiveKC. Her eye for creative design and unforgettable experiences have been seen at the Kansas City MLB All-Star week, MLS All Star and LiveKC’s homegrown concepts.

Ashley grew up in Kansas City and lives in Prairie Village with her husband Lance. Ashley is a true fitness fanatic and an expert on the dining scene of KC…two hobbies that properly balance each other out.